Winter 2016 Update

Dear Friends,

As the year draws to a close, we would like to give you a brief overview of what we have accomplished since re-opening in February, 2016.  We have done over 3,695 surgeries these past few months.  We did “No More Mother’s Day” and “No More Father’s Day” in May/June.  In July, we did a cat “Neuter Palooza.” September,  “multiple pet discount” and in December we did a combined TOYS FOR TOTS and CHRISTMAS CHARITIES TOY DRIVE. All of this activity translates into fewer unwanted pets and a lower rate of euthanasia for our community.


Please do your part and help us end the year on a strong financial footing.


Please mail a generous check to:

North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic
3303 N. Memorial Parkway
Huntsville AL  35810-2407

Or donate online with PayPal at

On behalf of the animals, we thank you and wish you a “HAPPY NEUTER YEAR”!!


Dr. Tanya D. Patterson, DVM
Dr. Tanya Patterson, Owner

Jane Jattuso
Jane Jattuso, Board President

North Alabama Spay/Neuter Association

Congratulations, Frank!


Neutered and Less Nuts!

One of our Clinic Graduates, Frank, made it into the Greater Huntsville Humane Society’s 2016 Pet Photo Calendar! Please click here for a list of places where you can purchase calendars.

Frank is a purebred pug, rescued from a breeder who no longer wanted him. He was “fixed” at the North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic in 2011 and is 5 years old.

His bark is very soft-sounding but he uses it a lot! His nickname at the dog park is “Bark Lite.” Besides his gift for gab, Frank’s favorite past time is snuggling on top of his “mom” Danielle and the other two dogs in their family. He is also an avid TV watcher — his favorite show is “Cops” and he barks at the police dogs and sirens. He may have been a police dog in a previous life…