North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization 

From Mindy Gilbert
Humane Society Alabama State Director

EVERYONE knows how important is it that this bill pass and protect the continued existence of the non profit s/n clinics.

But there is a serious problem as we work to get this bill on the calendar- the following Senators, WHO VOTED YES ON THIS ISSUE IN 2012, have indicated that thier position is now a big fat NO; Holley, Scofield, Beasley, Brewbaker, Bussman, Dial, Glover, Williams.

If you are in thier district, please waste no time lighting them up with calls at the statehouse and in the district office if they have one. Be polite but let them know that the issue is of vital importance to you as a voter.

Mindy Gilbert
Humane Society Alabama State Director

Local Senators to contact:
Paul Sanford, Bill Holtzclaw, Clay Scofield, Phil Williams, Arthur Orr, and Shadrack McGill

List of State Senators:

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